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We are happy to welcome members of the Iron County community as instructors for Fe University. We are very excited about this project and pleased that you have decided to join us. Our long term goal is for this “college” to become highly visible in the community, helping to make it an attractive place to remain in retirement.

Fe University Mission Statement: The mission of Fe University is to provide quality, university-level learning experiences for adults ages 50 and older through diverse short courses and lectures. We provide opportunities for people to discover the joy of lifelong learning at its best without the pressure of tests, grades, or educational requirements. It is an inspiring educational program that will keep you living life and learning longer.

Flexible Schedule: Several classes will be offered each trimester, Winter, Spring, and Summer/fall, each for a minimum of 8 class hours to promote in-depth instruction and follow-up. Class time of 2 hours once per week for 4 weeks is a guideline, but more hours more times per week or for a longer duration would also be possible depending on the content requirements.

Location: Classes may be held at various location in Hurley, Mercer and Springstead.

Funding: Fe University will pay instructors a stipend of $30 per class hour plus travel expenses. Class materials for students, such as copies and loaned books, may be obtained through the UW Extension or the Mercer Library at no charge. If necessary students may be requested to purchase books. Funding is obtained from student tuition and grants. A volunteer committee working with the UW Iron County Extension administers the program.

What we need from instructors:

  1. Course title and outline
  2. When you are available to teach
  3. Number of total class hours for your course
  4. Maximum number of students (suggested minimum is 4)
  5. Desired time and hours per week
  6. Duration of the class
  7. Location
  8. Course description and biographical information six weeks prior to the start date  

Contact Fe University committee members:

Wendy Thiede


Joe Lemke

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