Fly-Tying for Beginners

Class scheduled for April 6th has been cancelled because of the snow storm.

Course Title: Fly-Tying for Beginners


Date:  Mar  9, 16, 23, & Apr 6th  2018  10am-noon

Location: Iron County Courthouse, Hurley

Course Fee: $30 discount Fee $25 by Mar 1st


There is space for 2 more students, sign up quickly.

Class 1

The first class will start with a brief discussion involving -Anatomy of hook(hand out- describe hook sizes) and what is a recipe; How to attach materials to hook; Using a tying vise; Sizing your flies properly (includes hand out).  Various flies will be displayed from dries, wets, nymphs, streamers, musky streamers, spun deer hair and finally the student will end the class tying a Wooly Bugger and floating foam flies, and marabou jigs.

Class 2

Students will start by tying bucktail jigs for walleyes, deer hair streamers such as Mickey Finn, Black Nose Dace and streamers using feathers as wings.  This class will introduce the student to using hair and feathers as wing materials.

Class 3

Students will advance to tying Wet flies such as Partridge and Orange and Pass Lake.  Wet flies are used as emergers and typically are fished by casting across the stream and let them swing downstream.

Tying  Nymphs: Pheasant tail,  Prince Nymph. Possibly “reading glasses” may be needed because the hook sizes are small.  Nymphs are drifted on the bottom or mid-depth and should drift naturally with the same speed as the current.

Class 4

The last class may require the student to bring “reading glasses” because the flies will be small.

Tying Nymphs continued: Copper John and Pink Squirrel.  Students will learn how to attach synthetic material to a hook shank and form a body.  This is called dubbing thread.

The last flies will be dry flies such as Adams, Comparadun and Mother’s Day Caddis.  Tying dry flies are some of the hardest flies to tie but this class will show you how to properly size your wing, tail and body based on the size of the hook.  Dry flies are used to fish rising trout.

Instructor: Fly Tying for Beginners will be taught by Bob Traczyk.  Bob has been a member of Trout Unlimited for several years.  Currently he is the secretary of the Wild Rivers Chapter which covers 7 northern Wisconsin counties.  Bob has been tying since he first began fly fishing in 2007.    For the last 5 years, Bob has been a student of Bill Sherer, Proprietor of We Tie It fly shop in Boulder Junction Wisconsin.  Bill’s classes cover trout, bass, pike and muskies.  The Wild Rivers Chapter also has fly tying demonstrations during the winter months at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center.  Catching a fish on your own fly gives the fisherman a special feeling of accomplishment.  Bob was the Register of Deeds for Iron County, Wisconsin for 34 years and is now retired.