Climate Change: Causes, Effects, Solutions

Course Title:  Climate Change: Causes, Effects, Solutions

Course # 19W05

Course Fee – $15

Dates:  March 19 and 26, 2019

Time:  9:00 AM to noon

Location:  Mercer Community Center, 2648 W Margaret St., Mercer

Objectives:  Students will learn about climate change effects on life in the Midwest and Wisconsin. Options for reducing the rate of climate change and adaptation to changes will be presented.

Course structure:  The course will be given in _2__ sessions, each _3__ hours long, covering the following topics:

Session 1, March 19: Nancy Turyk

  1. Background on climate change, how we know there are man-made influences. (global)
  2. Predictions for Midwest/Wisconsin
  3. Increases storm events / temperature alterations and possible impact to the Northwoods .
  4. Options for individuals / communities / nationally that could lessen the extent of climate change.
  5. Community adaptation options

Session 2, March 26: Mike Meyer

  1. What are projected climate impacts on Northwoods wildlife, fisheries, forestry and water resources?
  2.  What management strategies can be undertaken to minimize the impact of climate change on Northwoods wildlife, fisheries, forestry, and water resources?

Requirements: There are no prerequisites for this course. For homework after day 1, students will be asked to prioritize options to reduce future climate change impacts and share responses during day 2.

Instructors:  Nancy Turyk and Mike Meyer

Nancy Turyk is an emeritus Water Resource Scientist and Outreach Specialist. For more than a decade she has participated in climate change related discussions, research, outreach and course development. She is on the Wisconsin Green Fire’s Climate Change workgroup, represents the North American Lake Management Society on a federal climate change and freshwater workgroup, conducts outreach with community groups, and is assisting a Wisconsin community with climate adaptation.

Mike Meyer served 25 years as a wildlife research scientist with the Wisconsin DNR in Rhinelander.  Mike’s research focused on lake shore habitat restoration, wildlife toxicology, and climate change impacts on Wisconsin wildlife.  Mike served as co-chair of the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts wildlife working group and currently serves as co-chair of Wisconsin’s Green Fire Climate Change working group.  Mike currently owns NOVA Ecological Services, offering wildlife research and lake management consulting services in the Northwoods.