Class List

Here is a list of the classes that we have offered so far.

Fe University Classes, 2014-2020


1. Turning Narrative into Knowledge, Ingrid Nordstrom, UWM,

2. G-WOW, Changing Climate, Changing Culture, Cathy Techtmann, UW Ex


3. Foundations of Investing, Joe Lemke, Edward Jones

4. Understanding the Geology of Northern Wisconsin, Dr. Tom Fitz, Northland College

5. Botany 101, Darrin Kimbler, Iron County UW Extension

6. Artful Nature Journals, Janet Moore, artist/naturalist

7. Botany in Art, Janet Moore, artist/naturalist

8. History of Iron County and the Gogebic Range, Larry Peterson, local historian


9. International Order and the Impact of Foreign Assistance, Gary Theisen, US State Dept., retired,

10. Investing 101, Joe Lemke, Edward Jones

11. Introduction to Human Behavior, Chad McGrath, psychologist,

12. Democracy and Issues in Contemporary Political Development, Jennifer Kuklenski, Northland

13. The Fungus Among Us, a study of the interactions between humans and fungi, Darrin Kimbler,

14. Electrical Knowledge and Safety for Homeowners, Joe Hertl, electrical inspector, retired

15. Plants in the Landscape, Chad McGrath, nursery owner

16. Land of Lakes: Ecology of the Northern Highland Lakes, John Bates, Terry Daulton

17. An Inside Look at the National Football League, Greg Blache, NFL defensive coordinator, retired


18. Anishinaabe History and World Views, Sandra Gokee, Native American Studies, Northland College

19. The Witch Panic of the 16th and 17th Centuries in the Western World, Dr. Mary Magray, UW

20. Basic Conversational Spanish I, Natalie Patritto, Spanish teacher, Hurley

21. Basic Conversational Spanish II

22. Information Literacy and Independent Research, Teresa Schmidt, Mercer Library director

23. Spring Flora of the North Woods, John Bates and Mary Burns

24. Field Ornithology, Joan Elias, master naturalist, and Dick Verch, Northland professor retired

25. Natural Resource Management of Northern Wisconsin, Bruce Bacon, WDNR retired

26. Act Now, Exploration in the art of acting, Helen Fashbaugh, teacher/director retired

27. Genetics for the Curious, Richard Thiede, teacher retired


28. A Brief History of the Civil Rights Movement in America, Christopher Kelly

29. Contest and Controversy: Early Christianity in Rome, Ireland, and the British Isles, Dr. Mary Magray

30. Where Two Worlds Meet-Lac du Flambeau, Gregg Guthrie

31. Tracking the American Marten, Zach Wilson

32. Fly tying, Bob Traczyk

33. Investment-Estate Planning, Joseph Lemke and Ryan Long

34. Reading Russia’s Past, Michael Hittle

35. Basic Conversational Spanish, Natalie Patritto

36. Cross Country Skiing, Chad McGrath

37. Birding Skills Workshop, John Bates and Joan Elias

38. Beginner Golf, Nancy Osier

39. Lakes Ecology, Heather Palmquist

40. Flambeau Scenic Waters Guided Auto Tour, Diane O’Krongly

41. Ceramics for Beginners, Craig Griffin

42. Where Two Worlds Meet: Lac du Flambeau, Gregg Guthrie

43. The Holocaust Examined, Christopher Kelly

44. History and Culture of Spain, Natalie Patritto


45. Cross Country Skiing, Chad McGrath

46. History on the Landscape: Ancient and Medieval Ireland, Dr. Mary Magray

47. Causes of the American Civil War, Christopher Kelly

48. Owls of the North Woods, Annie McDonnell, Bart Kotarba

49. Poetry Workshop, Joan Guisto

50. The Realities of Immigration Today, Hurley, Dr. Jennifer Kuklenski

51. Exploring and Documenting the Flambeau Trail and Turtle Portage, Jim Bokern

52. Climate Change: Causes, Effects, Solutions, Nancy Turyk, Mike Myers

53. Where Two Worlds Meet: Lac du Flambeau, Gregg Guthrie

54. Sign Language, Lori Berryman

55. The Realities of Immigration Today, Mercer, Dr. Jennifer Kuklenski

56. The Bill of Rights, its origin and evolution, Sam Filippo

57. American Antiques:1700-1950, Roger Hinterthuer, Wendy Thiede

58. Orienteering, Sterling Strathe

59. Russia through the Lens of Short Fiction, Michael Hittle

60. The Legacy of CCC Camp Mercer, Jim Bokern

61. The Story of  Reconstruction, Christopher Kelly

62. Winter Birds of the Northwoods, Annie McDonnell


63. Furbearers of Wisconsin: Diversity, Trapping & Management, Annie McDonnell

64. Cross Country Skiing, Chad McGrath

65. Restorative Justice, Dr. Jane Nicholson

66. The Making and Unmaking of the United Kingdom, Dr. Mary Magray

67. The Background to the Vietnam War, Christopher Kelly

68. Nurturing the Creative Spirit, Callie Bates Canceled due to covid

69. The Legacy of CCC Camp Mercer, Jim Bokern Canceled due to covid

70. History of Native American Literature, Dr. Beth Tornes, offered online

71. Identification of Migratory Songbirds, Joan Elias and John Bates canceled due to covid

72. Big Day Iron County Bird Count, John Bates Canceled due to covid

73. Local Archeology Walking Tour, Cindi Stiles Canceled due to covid

74. Exploring and Documenting the Flambeau Trail and Turtle Portage, Jim Bokern Canceled due to covid

75. Roddis Logging and Veneer Company, History of Logging in Northern Wisconsin, Cindi Stiles, offered online

76. Tree and Shrub Identification, Chad McGrath and Christine Paulik Canceled due to covid

77. Trumpeter Swans, Annie McDonnel, offered online

78. Moose Ecology, Annie McDonnel, offered online

79. Information Literacy, Teresa Schmidt, offered online

80. Comparative Religion, Suma Elwell, Ahmed Maamoun,  Jay Woolf, Erv Teichmiller, offered online

81. Diversity and Inclusion, Jennifer Kuklenski, offered online

82. Trumpeter Swans, Annie McDonnell, offered online


83. Cross Country Skiing, Chad McGrath

84. A Virtual Tour of Ireland, Mary Magray, offered online

85. Civil Discourse, Jane Banning, offered online

86. Cross Country Skiing, Session 2, Chad McGrath

87. On Viruses and Vaccines, Richard Thiede, offered online

88. Beautiful, Breathtaking Bogs, Annie McDonnell, offered online and in the field

89. Winter Ecology and Mammal Tracking, Annie McDonnell, offered online and in the field

90. Italian Renaissance Art, Callie Bates, offered online

91. Gentle Yoga with Somatic Movement, Amanda Easter, online

92. Life Under the Ice and Snow, Emily Heald and Annie McDonnell, online

93. Asset Protection, Ryan Long

94. Waterfowl, Annie McDonnell

95. Navigating the Home Stretch—end of life decisions, Martha Pierpont et. al.

96. 3 water field trips—Zach Wilson

97. Forest Lecture series and field trip—John Bates