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Contest and Controversy; Rome, Ireland, Early Christianity in the British Isles

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Course Title: Contest and Controversy; Rome, Ireland, Early Christianity in the British Isles


Date: Jan 31, Feb 7, 14, 21, 2018

Time: 10:00 am to noon

Location: Mercer Library/Community Center

Fee: $30 with $5 discount if registration is received by Jan 17th.

Objectives: This course explores a fascinating moment in both the early history of the British Isles and early Christianity. Between ca. 400 and 700, a struggle ensued between the forces of “orthodoxy,” with its evolving church hierarchy centered in Rome, and the flourishing Celtic Christian tradition that emerged among the Irish and the Britons, which was to prove remarkably influential in the Christianization of Europe. Though Roman orthodoxy ultimately prevailed, the contest between the two Christian traditions was not finally laid to rest until the twelfth century. Or was it? The course will conclude with a look at how and why that Celtic tradition—or at least an idealized version of it—has survived through the centuries, culminating in a global ecumenical Christian practice that we know today as Celtic Christianity. Continue reading

Conversational Spanish

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Course Title: Basic Conversational Spanish I


Dates:  Mondays and Wednesdays, Feb. 26 – March 21

Time:  3:30-5:00 PM

Location:  Hurley School, Room __415_____

Fee: $41 minus $5 if registered by Feb. 12

Objectives: Useful Spanish conversation for travel or just to enrich will be explored while we also touch on the basics of the language and its structure. This class will start at the beginning for those who need it and provide review for those with previous exposure to the language. Continue reading

Cross Country Ski Instruction II

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Course Title:  Cross Country Ski Instruction II

Dates:  Tuesday and Thursday, Feb. 27 and Mar 1, 2018

Time:  1:00 – 3:00 PM

Location: MECCA Ski Trails trailhead warming house, Mercer, WI

Course# 18W08

Fee: $15

Objectives:  At the conclusion of this course, students will understand the basics of both diagonal stride and skate style skiing, as regards both technique and equipment.  They will be able to stand comfortably on skis, compress each ski and grip the snow, kick off and then repeat with the opposite leg.  They will be able to glide forward on the gliding ski after their kick, maintaining balance, as they shift their weight forward over the gliding ski.  They will be able to engage their poles at the proper time/angle and push, assisting forward movement.  Continue reading

Investing and Estate Planning

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Course Title: Investing and Estate Planning


Date: Mar 8, 15,22,29, 2018

Time:4-6 PM

Fee: $30 with $5 discount if registration is received by Mar. 1

Location: Hurley, WI Courthouse, board room.

Course structure: The course will be given in 4 sessions, each 2 hours long. The following topics will be included:

1) Estate Planning:Trusts, Power of Attorneys, Wills

2) Foundations of investing: Investment types, portfolio construction and diversification and combining your Investment with your goals(Retirement income, preservation, etc).

3) Nursing Home Planning: How to prepare and costs. Medicaid rules.

4) Investing and Estate Planning:How your investments work into Estate Planning. This will overlap on specifics from class 2. Investment account types and life insurance. Continue reading

Fly-Tying for Beginners

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Course Title: Fly-Tying for Beginners


Date:  Mar  9, 16, 23, 30  2018  10am-noon

Location: Iron County Courthouse, Hurley

Course Fee: $30 discount Fee $25 by Mar 1st


There is space for 2 more students, sign up quickly.

Class 1

The first class will start with a brief discussion involving -Anatomy of hook(hand out- describe hook sizes) and what is a recipe; How to attach materials to hook; Using a tying vise; Sizing your flies properly (includes hand out).  Various flies will be displayed from dries, wets, nymphs, streamers, musky streamers, spun deer hair and finally the student will end the class tying a Wooly Bugger and floating foam flies, and marabou jigs. Continue reading

Where Two Worlds Meet-Lac du Flambeau

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Course Title:Where Two Worlds Meet-Lac du Flambeau

Course #18W07

Dates:  Tuesdays, March 20, 27, April 3, 10, 2018

Time:  10:00 AM to noon

Location:  Mercer Library conference room, 2648 W Margaret St., Mercer

Maximum number of students: 15

This course is now filled and we will not be able to accept any more students.

Course fee: $30 with $5 discount if registration is received by March 6, 2018 

Objectives:   I hope that students will come to have a greater perception of and empathy for people of differing racial/cultural backgrounds with a view toward bringing about a better understanding and acceptance of others and differing ways of life.

Course description:

Cultural exclusivity is nothing new, nor is it relegated to any particular geographical area, but when cultures meet the result is often confusing and disorienting.  This class explores the divergent cultures of people living on “the border lines,” people who live in two worlds so to speak, on a daily basis. The class will focus on the community of Lac du Flambeau with its rich Ojibwe Indian history and traditions and “the other,” non-Indian people who have made Lac du Flambeau their home.  Applications will be made and discussed as they relate to differing multicultural living circumstances as well; all with a view toward better understanding one another. Continue reading