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Winter Birds of the Northwoods

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Course Title: Winter Birds of the Northwoods

Course # 19F09

Course Fee:- $25

Dates: Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov 12 and Nov 13

Class Hours: 2 hours in class and 3 hour hike

Maximum Attendance: 15

Time: 11/12 1-3pm in class lecture/discussion, & 11/13 1-4 pm field trip

Duration: 5 hours

Location: Mercer Public Library, 2648 Margaret St. Mercer and field location TBD

Course Description: The Northwoods region is known for its harsh winters, with heavy snow, freezing temperatures and lack of sunlight.  However, despite these conditions a number of bird species call this frozen landscape home.  During this session, we will discuss the winter bird species of the Northwoods and their unique adaptations that enable their survival.  We will also discuss how landowners can provide quality forage, cover for birds, and improve habitat for birds in the Northwoods.  Following the in-class portion, we will go for a field trip hike to observe birds in their natural habitat and expand our identification skills. Continue reading