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Exploring the History and Legacy of Camp Mercer

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Course Title: Exploring the History and Legacy of Camp Mercer

Course #19F06

Dates: October  8 -3.5 hours, October 15 _3.5 hours, October 17 -3.5 hours,

Time: Classroom instruction and field instruction 2:00 pm-5:30 pm

Class size: Limited to 14 participants.

Locations: Mercer Library and Camp Mercer CCC site

Objectives: Participant’s will:

1.) explore both written and digital historic sources regarding the Civilian Conservation Corps and 

   Camp Mercer.

2.) engage in field work analyzing historic sites (as participants are comfortable).

3.) collaboratively suggest stewardship plan and products that will overview of the historic  

   importance of both the CCC and Camp Mercer

4.) consult with Cynthia Stiles Archeologist who recorded Camp Mercer as a cultural site with the

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