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Cross Country Ski Instruction

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Course Title:  Cross Country Ski Instruction

Course# 19w01

Fee: $30 (minus $5 if registration received by Dec. 20); Includes $10 discount subsidized by the Community Pursuit, and $10 MECCA trail fee. Ski rental is available for $5 per session. Scholarships available

Dates:  Jan. 3, 8, 10, 15, 2019

Time:  1:00 – 3:00 PM

Location: Mecca Ski Trail, 4686 Fierick Rd., Mercer WI, 54547  http://www.skimecca.org/

Objectives:  At the conclusion of this course, students will understand the basics of both diagonal stride and skate style skiing, as regards both technique and equipment.  They will be able to stand comfortably on skis, compress each ski and grip the snow, kick off and then repeat with the opposite leg. They will be able to glide forward on the gliding ski after their kick, maintaining balance, as they shift their weight forward over the gliding ski.  They will be able to engage their poles at the proper time and push, assisting forward movement. Continue reading