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Lake Ecology

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Course Title: Lake Ecology

Course # 18S03

Dates and time: Tuesday and Thursday, July 10 & 12, 10:00 AM to 3:00PM,   

Location: Oma Town Hall – 4514 W Town Hall Rd. Oma, WI (16 miles north of Mercer on the corner of Hwy 51 and Town Hall Rd.)

Fee: $35 with $5 discount for early bird registration before June 26th (includes 2 lunches)

This course consists of 4 segments, each 2 hours and lead by a lakes expert. A catered lunch, included in the fee, will be served between morning and afternoon sessions both days.


Session I, Waters of Wisconsin, Tuesday July 10, 10AM to 12PM. Instructor Susan Knight  – Associate Scientist and Interim Director – UW Madison, Center for Limnology – Trout Lake Station –

Course description:   Waters of Wisconsin – Lakes, streams, wetlands, and ground water are dynamic features of Wisconsin’s landscapes. These waters are vital to our health, livelihoods and enjoyment. In this session, we will discuss the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of these water resources and how they interact.  We will consider how lakes differ as well as the importance of lake issues including food webs, eutrophication, invasive species, and damage to shorelands. We will address problems unique to streams as well as local groundwater issues. Finally, we will examine the importance and vulnerabilities of wetlands. We will discuss how these different types of waters interact and contribute to the aquatic landscape in Wisconsin. Continue reading