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Botany 101

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This course will explore aspects of general Botany including plant anatomy, plant physiology, naming and classifying, plant ecology and biomes, and will conclude with basics of gardening. Knowledge of basic biology and/or chemistry concepts are not necessary to participate in the course as relevant information will be included and discussed throughout the course. Practical skills such as using a plant identification key, how to control invasive plants, seed starting and other basic gardening skills are a focus of the course. Continue reading

Understanding the Geology of Northern Wisconsin

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March 3 – April 7, 2015

Identify and understand Earth materials, understand how we use geologic materials, how tectonic forces change rocks, and how the Earth’s surface is sculpted by water and surface processes. Students will also learn to compile stories from Earth’s past by deciphering rock records, to discern geologic features in maps and to know the major geologic events recorded in the rocks of Northern Wisconsin. All materials for the weekly readings and discussions will be provided. Students will be required to have or purchase a magnifying lens, available from the instructor for $16. Continue reading

Foundations of Investing

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March 4-25, 2015

General rules of investing, preparing for the unexpected, stocks, fixed income, mutual funds, designing your retirement, and tax free investing will be among the topics covered with time allotted for discussion on any phase the class wants to explore. Handouts will be distributed and some homework assigned. The session will wrap up with a final project determined at the end of the class. Continue reading